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An overview of the hotel industry in Saudi Arabia

overview of the hotel industry The hotel industry over the years has seen humongous growth. The best hotels meet most requirements of the customers. Steep rise in business has resulted in better customer service and increased profits. The purpose of travel usually influences the selection of the clients and with 5 stars, 3 star, business, budget and recreational hotels and lodges; the travellers are spoilt for choice. Another factor that plays a key role in decision making is the proximity of the hotel to the area of business or interest.

Frequent travellers are the biggest draw to these establishments. The vacationers and those who travel for business commitments and meetings are the usual customers. For few these hotels and lodges become a home away from home, especially for those who intend to stay for a significant amount of time.

The number of official trips across cities and countries has increased greatly. Hence, conference halls and meeting rooms have become an essential part of most organizations. Most top hotels have beauty salons and swimming pools on the premises along with cafeterias and coffee shops. Most hotels offer commendable room service and laundry services. A good number of them arrange for pickups from the airport if the guests have pre-booked their stay at the hotel. There is certain uniformity about excellent services and hospitality of hotels around the world.