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Eating Habits over the years- An Insight


Eating Habits have dramatically changed in this fast paced world. A lot of people are dependent on restaurants for at least one of their meals on a daily basis. This trend is not in just the metros but is catching up in smaller towns and cities. As a result of this, the intake of calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium has gone up significantly amongst the working class. Irrespective of whether you eat at a fast food restaurant or a multi cuisine restaurant, your intake of calories and sugar goes up dramatically.

There have been a lot of studies done in the past which suggest that adults who have reported to have been eating at fast food restaurants have consumed more calories, fat and sodium than the ones who have reported for not eating at fast food restaurants. According to a leading research company, people who have consumed food at both the fast food restaurants and multi cuisine restaurants are more likely to have health problems at an early age compared to the ones who have home cooked food.

The study also displayed some interesting statistics. According to the study, the individual characteristics also had an impact on the restaurant food consumption. One of the interesting facts of the study was that the Net Energy intake was much greater for middle class men compared to high income men.  The study confirmed that the adult’s fast food restaurant consumption results in higher energy intake and obesity problems.  The implications of such habits are adverse health problems and often become a cause of obesity. People who reported to consume food at multi cuisine restaurants regularly have also been found to have obesity problems.

Life has become fast paced; people have no time in this competitive world. More and more people in this competitive era have already started to compromise on their food habits to save time.  Affordability and accessibility to restaurants had never been so easy. Restaurants have become so much affordable and the service at the restaurants is impeccable.  The service has become so fast and excellent, that people have now started saving a lot of time.  It is time to wake up and know the implications. It is time to put extra efforts to improve diet and reduce the energy intake from the restaurants.