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Growing demand of International schools in Saudi Arabia

International schools in Saudi Arabia

The education system includes variety of prospectus for budding young professionals. International schools are hugely popular worldwide and they come in many different shapes and sizes and their formats and curriculum are of international standards. In order to be considered an actual international school, it is known fact that a school generally follows a national or international curriculum that is going to be different from that of the host country. Moreover, an emphasis is placed on international education by including programs such as the International Business (IB) and global citizenship. One of the major reasons for their increasing popularity is that international schools provide an English-medium education, often with globally recognized curricula, and high standards of learning and teaching.  For many parents, local as well as expatriate, this is considered an important educational route; one through which their child can gain a place at a western university, well prepared in language and high standard of qualification.


Good education has become the order of the day and a high value is placed on education as it ensures a stable future. International schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are efficiently achieving popularity among local Saudi students because the parents have made the positive perceptions that their children will get better education in these schools. The education system has undergone a series of changes in the last decade. Despite the price being high in International schools there are many takers for it.

The local education system has been very exam-oriented in the past. But now all has changed and there have been some moves towards fewer exams and more continuous and formative assessment. International schools have strict discipline code and virtually all students wear school uniform.

As per the latest survey, statistics report shows that 321 international schools in Saudi Arabia are providing international standards educational services.  Over 180,000 are enrolled and about 8,000 classes are conducted every day. These institutions are imparting better education along with ultra-modern sports infrastructure.

An estimated 80 International schools in Riyadh have nearly 65,000 students enrolled in them. Jeddah is considered the largest city in terms of the number of schools, with around 95 establishments, followed by the Eastern Province, which has 56 schools with a total of 80,000 students, according to government statistics.

Al Khobar is considered the best city for foreign schools in the Eastern Province and third in the Kingdom, with a total number of around 40,000 students.

There are two kinds of foreign schools in the Kingdom: the community schools run by the embassies of countries for their nationals living in Saudi Arabia and the international schools teaching British and American curricula. There are approximately 75 community schools in the Kingdom.

International schools are normally supervised by foreign international organizations such as SABIS, the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) or the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSASC) while foreign community schools are guided by the syllabuses of their countries.

How to find a reputable landscape and renovation company in Saudi Arabia

landscape and renovation company in Saudi Arabia

Are you planning to give a facelift to your new or existing home and looking for a reputable landscape and renovation company? Most of the landscaping and renovation companies offer reliable and high end services. But, if you want to have luxurious renovation ideas you will be glad to know that there are many landscaping Companies in Saudi Arabia that are offering high end designs and services. It is quite a difficult task to decide what change or addition can be made in revamping your new or existing home. Qualified professionals in the field of Landscaping and Renovation can assure you to provide with designs that you are sure to appreciate.

Services may differ depending on the type of renovation you want. The services will cover but not limited to change or addition in exterior or interior, changing a particular area in your home as per your requirement, managing the entire project in terms of design and development. The firms will provide you with various design ideas that will be presented as per your budget and by comparing it to the implementation cost. They will guide from scratch to finish in the work procedure. In case you have purchased a piece of land then they will assist you right from structure lay down to the landscape for your dream home. Suppose if your already own a house, the firm will guide and help you in replacing it with a brand new home that will be constructed and landscaped keeping in mind your renovation ideas. They will provide necessary details that will cover model of the structure, project cost and the time duration to finish the project.  So, you can be rest assured that your dream home will be complemented with beautiful interiors, exteriors and landscaping.

The first step towards renovation or landscaping is estimation cost of the project. This is the most important factor in any project. So, analyze the companies that provide better cost factor along with great services. After reviewing quotations from various firms you can decide which company to choose from. They will also give you quotation or estimates for home renovation and interior designing for your existing home.

The firms’ works commences after you have decided to hire their services. The project will be designed on blue print and you will also get an idea of your future home with all its landscaping and renovations with the help of latest software’s. Initially, it is mandatory for you to sign a contract to avoid any legal hassles that may happen in the future. Once the relevant papers are signed between the two parties, you can be rest assured that the firm will guide throughout the project phases. Inquire about the warranty from your service provider if they are offering any warranty services before you sign the contract.

Daleeli has several reputable landscaping companies that will guide you through the entire home renovation process. Deciding to give a facelift or renovating your dream home will not be complicated anymore.

How to choose the Best Hospitals in Saudi Arabia


Choose the Best Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Finding a best hospital in your vicinity is not so easy. You need to do some research in order to find out the best hospitals for you. A hospital may exist in your locality but it might not be the one suited for your needs. We need to research for medical facilities before visiting any Specialized hospitals. That may include Specialist Doctors/Physicians, specializations in treating different types of diseases, amenities, and most importantly insurance coverage policy of the Hospital.

Let us now discuss the various points in detail to get a better idea.

Specialist Doctors/Physicians

It is very important to know quality of the Doctors/Physicians and the nursing staff at hospitals because they play a vital role in your treatment. Selecting the best hospital means opting out for quality staff. You can gather useful information related to Hospital staff on clinical websites and you can also read reviews on different websites. Saudi Arabia has leading medical professionals providing their services in various hospitals and they are working in several areas of specialization. They are making valuable contribution to the society in treating patients from different walks of life. Since, not every doctor works at every facility it is recommended to find out with the help of internet or a suggestion from your trusted ones will also be useful. 

Specialization in treating different types of diseases

Not all Hospitals treat every type of patients. Specialized Hospitals focuses on particular diseases with the help of Cardiologist, Dentist, Endocrinologist, Immunologist, Medical Geneticist, Microbiologist, Neonatologist, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Oncologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, ENT Specialist, Urologist etc. Hence, a specific doctor is required for every major system of our body to give proper treatment to it. Make sure to select the medical services in relevance to your treatment.


People not only look to get better treatment at hospitals but they also consider clinical facilities, hospital’s technology, and staff. They are making choices on the basis of amenities. Hospitals are trying to attract patients with different kinds of amenities and it is easier to understand. In order to attract and give comfort to patients Hospitals have luxurious interior and are also decorated with beautiful artwork. Better health care with luxurious amenities plays a crucial role in the growth of any hospital.


If you have health insurance coverage then makes sure to inquire about the healthcare coverage with your medical center in order to get benefitted. It is very important to know that not all clinic, hospital, or doctor accepts every type of healthcare insurance. If you have healthcare coverage, you’ll definitely want to make sure the hospital you choose accepts your insurance.

Patients with different types of diseases have to choose from a range of Hospitals to match their needs. So, to select the right type of hospital check into their specializations, doctors, amenities and insurance. It will be easy for you to book an appointment after doing appropriate research of the hospitals.

Get the best health care. For more information about Hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

The Best Way to Get Maximum Exposure for Any Business

The Best Way to Get Maximum Exposure for Any Business

Searching for local businesses using online business directories has become very famous with the local customers. Local customers are turning to their Smartphone and computer to search the best local business in their locality that caters to their needs.

In Saudi Arabia, many local customers are turning to online business directories each month to search for local businesses, services, or products. They are using online business directory for quick, filtered and detailed search result. Local business directories provide complete information of a particular product or business to local consumers. The listings features description of your business, location map, price listings, opening hours, photos of your store or office. The local businesses are continuously gaining advantage of new customers with the help of these extra added details of their business directory listings.

Any business owner criterion is to get more traffic to his/her website in order to get maximum sales. The target can be achieved by giving much exposure online and thereby acquiring more traffic. The most effective way is to list your business in an online business directory if you are looking for methods to increase online business exposure. A popular Search engine criterion on page ranking is to utilize business directories and having your business listed in these directories gives your website more exposure to people searching them for a particular product and service. Listing on business directories is essential to driving more traffic to your site as your website will be ranked higher when optimizing your business website.

Daleeli provides paid-for and free online business directories listings to local businesses throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides the best information online and easy navigation to its users who search for any product or service using Smartphone or computer. All the information given to the users is industry specific with complete details. The details are accurate because integration of Google maps is also included on Daleeli that helps the users find not only the information they are looking for but also the precise location and address of a particular business.

The website is characterized with its very high technology usage and latest market trends at the Middle East level. Some of its features are the Indexing System, the Text Prediction feature, Sophisticated Methodology of the Search Logic, Programming & Updating Operating System and the Search Engine Optimization System. This website has become one of the most important search sites specialized in business and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The number of visitors has exceeded 3 million per year.

Daleeli provides many exclusive features in its database. The businesses can list more details like business description, name, address, contact number, QR Code, website URL, etc. The users as well as the business owners are benefitted fully from this personalize listings. The information is more filtered and gives accurate details to the customers.

An online business directory presents new opportunities for all kinds of local businesses to attract new customers. has a large database of business listings and the number always growing. It allows businesses to manage and update all their online directory listings and thereby helping them to keep up to date with their business trends.