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Restaurant industry’s growth in Saudi Arabia

One of the fastest growing business sectors in Saudi Arabia is the food and beverage industry.  Opportunity for restaurant and hotel growth abounds in Saudi Arabia. Many top brand hotels operational in the kingdom now. The hospitality industry continues to boom in the kingdom. The food industry is the ever growing market and it is increasing day by day in Saudi Arabia.



The restaurant industry in the Middle East is growing at a pace that is exceeding its infrastructure.  With hundreds of billions being pumped in to mind-boggling developments throughout the region, there is an appetite for new restaurants that exceeds any other region in the world.

There are many Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the Kingdom because the population of expats is more than the local population in this part of the world. Major business centers like Jeddah and Riyadh attracts people from different cultures and especially from the Indian subcontinent. Due to this reason, some of the Best hotels in Jeddah or Riyadh serve Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Indian and Pakistani restaurants are spread all across the country and they are not just restricted to these two cities. You will find these restaurants even in less populated cities and towns.

Restaurants in Saudi Arabia feature cuisines from many different countries. There is fantastic and often inexpensive food to be found everywhere, from Indian, Chinese and Pakistani to Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, including delights such as humus, flatbreads and kebabs .All are served in abundance in the Kingdom. You will find delicious ethnic cuisines, with well- spiced, herb-induced foods, awaiting you at most of the restaurants.

The country is very passionate about food just the way it is about football. It has many good restaurants serving delicious food. It is not alarming to find a bunch of different themed restaurants clustered together at almost every major street across all cities and towns of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia offers multi cultural cuisines catering to people from different parts of the world. One of the primary reasons for the boom of hospitality industry in this country  is because so many people with so many different nationalities are scattered all over the region.

The demand for respective native cuisines is such that it becomes imperative for let’s say a locality largely comprising of people of Indian origin to have restaurants serving Indian food and such is the case with most other nationals as well. It is worth noting that an eatery serving ethnic Indian food does not cater to Indian customers exclusively. As is the case with most other popular cuisines, Indian restaurants too cater to customers of different nationalities.

The hotel industry is one of the most rapidly growing and fruitful businesses in Saudi Arabia. No matter how long and where you stay in the Kingdom, you will never be short of restaurants serving delicious food. More often than not there will be one right around the corner.

Why you must advertise your business online in Saudi Arabia?

Digital marketing, online advertisement and web presence has become one of the most important strategies for businesses to promote and communicate their services and products. Now a day’s business and company owners have realized the importance of spreading brand messages through internet medium.  It is a faster way to reach out to potential customers and it also costs less than the traditional advertisement technique

online business directory

If you have yet to start advertising your business online then you should really reconsider. In recent years online ad spending has increased so dramatically that it is expecting to overtake spending on print advertisements. If you think that spending money on online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising offers.

One of the biggest benefits to online ads is the ability to increase brand recognition. You can use the constant internet presence to create eye-catching campaigns that get your brand noticed and shared. The more you get consumers excited online the more they will easily be able to share that ad or product. You can use this interest in your product to create new targeted ads that will once again promote the brand and increase brand recall.

Many people are turning away from television because they are tired of commercials or because they can get their favorite shows cheaper through online sources. Using online ads means that you still have access to those consumers even as they are fast forwarded to commercials or watching less television. Users are even turning to digital magazines and news sources instead of print, so you have a way to reach those consumers as well.

One of the most unique parts about online ads is the ability to see how long a consumer spends looking or interacting with your ad. This allows you to see how effective your ad was with each type of consumer that views it. This information can be crucial to building a new targeted marketing campaign in the future.

Are you really interested in doing online advertising to promote your business?

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8 steps to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurants is very important to sustain your business. Regular customers along with the new customers will give benefit to any business. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for any business to flourish without having new customers at its doorstep. It has been noticed that some old customers tend to change their dining habits and at the same time they also get relocated, to balance this effect constant flow of new customers will keep your hotel business intact.


Powerful strategies can definitely help in tacking this issue. Below mentioned eight tips are sure to attract new customers to your restaurant.

1) Offer your Restaurant’s Delicious food in Public Places

Offer delicious food from your restaurants to new customers in public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, recreational parks etc. When they have tasted delicious samples, don’t forget to hand out your business card or hotel menu. It’s a good idea to promote your product in these locations.

2) Alternately market your Restaurant 

Another innovative idea is to cross market your restaurant. You can advertise or list your restaurant with different nearby holiday resorts, tour bus, hotels etc. This will help in attracting potential customers to your business and the most important thing is to mention your restaurant in the category of “nearby attraction list”.

3) Offer benefit to existing customers through Referral System

Your business may grow with the help of existing customers. They can bring new customers to you through referral system. You should provide them attractive discounts if they can refer new customers.

4) Offer Special Deals at night

Many people prefer to order hotel food after a hard working day. They find it difficult to cook by themselves, so the easy option is to order food from hotel. You can provide late evening/night special deals to attract those potential customers. You may offer various foods at special discounted prices for such clients.

5) Offer Gift Certificates to your regular customers 

You may provide gift certificate at flexible prices to your regular customers. Since, your regular customers are satisfied with your food and service they will purchase it for their dear ones. Using gift certificate your potential new customers will get a chance to experience your food and service without paying anything.

6) Reach out to new customers through Sponsorship  

You can sponsor different events such as festivals, exhibition, concert etc. This will definitely attract public’s eye and is a great way to get publicity.

7) Hold interesting Contest and give away freebies 

Holding contests and handing out freebies will attract new customers. You may keep different contests at your hotel; the winners will get a chance to grab an opportunity to get free meals and free gift certificates.

8) Give pleasant Customer Service

The most crucial thing is to provide the best customer service. The power of customer service is such that you can turn first time visitor to your hotel into a regular customer. If you are providing quality food along with pleasant customer service then your customers are going to visit your hotel again and again!

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Perfect Plumbing Fixtures for Your Home in Saudi Arabia

It’s always an interesting task to decorate your home beautifully. The challenging job in remodeling old home or designing a new home is choosing the perfect fixtures and hardware to compliment the look of your interiors. This job is not only challenging but also very interesting. Fitting your bathroom interior with great looking plumbing fixture is definitely a good idea. It is the key factor in enhancing the look of your new home or remodeling your old one.

plumbing fixtures in Saudi Arabia

However, sometimes it is a demanding job to choose the right set of plumbing fixtures for your bathrooms.

Initially, you need to take into consideration thorough aesthetics of your home. It’s not recommended to alter new fixtures with gleaming modern designs as it may not go well with the traditional looking interior. On the other hand, an ultra-modern home may not look good with the use of antique plumbing fixtures. It is always better to select the right combination of plumbing fixtures that suits perfectly with the ambience. If you want to design home in a more modern way then you can use plumbing fixtures in chrome or nickel hardware.

They are easily available at plumbing hardware stores in Saudi Arabia. The prices may vary depending on quality of the product you select. Many cheap and affordable are also easily available in the market. But you must pay attention to the durable plumbing fixtures and that should also be good in quality.

It is quite challenging job to find antique looking plumbing fixtures. The selected product should match up with your décor. When we are mentioning antique looking fixture it does not mean that we are talking about old fixtures and pipes fitted in an old home. We are discussing about antique looking bathroom hardware which are available in different shapes and sizes ranging from antique faucets, sinks, bath tubs and toilets. Using them will change the entire look of your home.

Various brands are available in the market which gives you preference to select from thousands of design and pattern. The selected fixtures are sure to match up with the décor of your home. Your main concern is to select the perfect dealer or store near to your location. You can select the store that gives affordable prices and good quality products. So, it is easier to find beautiful plumbing fixtures in Saudi Arabia at a store near you.

But, surely you need to do some research on stores before getting your favorite fixtures. So, it is going to consume some time in your research but it would be worth your wait. You may get some great looking antique collections online. Reputed hardware shop owners also keep antique collections. Rare antique items are difficult to find but you may get them from expected places. Antique’s prices may vary depending on the quality and rareness of the product. Still, you should bargain and negotiate to get a fair deal.

The complete look of your bathroom can change by getting the perfect fixture.  Even if it’s a new or antique fixture, your home is surely going to receive compliments.

Do you love to travel with your family?

holiday in saudi arabia

Travelling in Saudi Arabia is a great option to those who are interested in heritage structure and modern development. The most important aspect to lookout during travel is finding the right hotel for your family. You can either select from heritage hotels, big chains, or independent hotels in Saudi Arabia. There are many hotels that provide luxury quotient, comfortable stay and great food. With efficient service and warmth hospitality you are sure to explore beautiful locations. If you are travelling with your family then it is recommended to do proper research before your journey. Carrying children along with you adds to the equation and it’s a total different story. Adults are more adjustable and comparatively straight forward than kids. Hence, it is very important to find the perfect family hotel especially when you are travelling on a long journey with your kids.

Saudi Arabia has dramatically witnessed development over the past decade. It has also seen rapid expansion in the tourism sector. With all the developments happening, there are now much more hotel options available for you to choose from than before.

Those who wish to slash prices on their stay expenses might think about different options available. Now, we don’t have to select from the high-end chain hotels but the option of selecting budget oriented hotels are available on the block to cater all your family needs. Other options include staying in heritage hotels in Saudi Arabia as well as the independent hotels.

Hotels in Saudi Arabia offer many benefits and you will find it easy to decide which of these hotels would make an ideal choice for your family. The critical decision is to select the hotel location. It has to match up with your activities as you would not want to spend a lot of time travelling to reach your favorite tourist destination. You can save good amount of time on a well-located hotel that has beautiful tourist attractions in its vicinity. Children will not trouble you in the journey as the destination will be a stone throws away.

Reserving a hotel room is necessary in order to avoid any difficulties. Remember that a suite will not be always available and at the same time it will be quite expensive. It is always better to reserve your hotel room whether you would like to stay in a budget hotel in Saudi Arabia, luxury hotel or heritage hotel.

Well located hotels provide a feeling of comfort and safety. With the local tourism industry booming in Saudi Arabia it is recommended to always plan your holiday in advance. Particularly, you don’t want to miss out on any remarkable moments that you are going to spend with your family.

Do you love to dine out with your family? If your answer is yes then get ready to indulge in some really healthier and tastier food. It is served hygienically in all the hotels and restaurants. The entire world famous cuisines are available that is served fresh and are sure to satisfy your family’s taste buds.

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The advent of Modern Education system in Saudi Arabia

arab students

Modern education system was introduced to Saudi Arabia in the late 19th century. Islamic higher education mainly existed in the main cities during that era. The commencement of modern education helped to diversify in many different fields of expertise. The Ottomans were the first to introduce modern and advanced education system in the Hejaz region. Doors to new opportunities were opened in the Ottoman provinces of Hejaz and Al Ahsa in the new era. During 1920s, some private schools began offering modern education subjects and courses. This initiative was started in larger towns of Saudi Arabia. Later on, in the 1930s the modern education was officially promoted by the state department.

As time advanced, many schools were setup in the year 1951. The ministry of education came into existence in the mid of year 1954. It was formed to manage and promote better education policies. It helped the education sector to blossom in the coming years. In 1964, the government initiated public level education for girls. Though, it was confronted by conservative groups yet the government continued its project. Secured and essential education systems were initiated with the development programs announced by the government in the late 70s.

By the end of 90s, the literacy rate for men was about 15% in Saudi Arabia. Women had only 2% literacy rate. Later in the year 2002, this ratio changed enormously with men’s literacy rate reaching at 73% and women 48% respectively. Subsequently, the percentage kept on growing and in the mid of 2002 the figure reached up to 91% and 72%. The Saudi government has done a great job in improving the education system despite many hindrances standing in the way. The standard of education that is being provided to the budding students matches international standards. The results are exceptionally good and clearly visible in the present era.

The Saudi education system gives huge benefits to the students. Though it is not mandatory to get education but the students are given free study course material and health services once they opt to study. The education services are also free. The education level in different regions is totally dependent on the number of schools present in that particular region. The government is working hard towards enhancing the education system and at the same time working rigorously towards increasing the rate of admissions.

As per the old data, following students have enrolled from 1960 to 1989.

  • 22% Boys and 2% Girls were enrolled in the year 1960
  • 81% Boys and 43% Girls were enrolled in the year 1981
  • 4 million Boys and 1.2 million Girls were enrolled in the year 1989

Nowadays, female students have exceeded the number of male students in terms of enrollment in schools as well the universities. Saudi Arabia now has 73 colleges and 16,600 schools that are only for Girls.

As per the latest data, there are about 1.64 million female and 1.19 million male students enrolled in Saudi Arabia. About 1.5 million boys and girls are studying in the private schools.

Tips to start an import/export business

Do you want to start an import/export business? Following tips would definitely help you in getting started your own import/export firm.


There are Embassies or Consulates in foreign countries that have been set up by many countries in order to boost exporting of their goods. The Consulates are present in different cities whereas Embassies are usually located in a nation’s capital. You can get industry directories and other important information related to this business through Consulates. Manufacture lists, directories and contact information such as email address can be obtained from the Embassy website.

Contacting a particular country’s Consulate is essential if you want to import goods over there. You can get the lists of manufacturers and drafts, in case if you are unsure what products the other country wants.

You should communicate with your country’s taxation department to get registration numbers or to know more about different policies that you need to follow. Trade barriers have been set up against certain countries and they are known as embargoes. For example, Cuba comes under embargo list in many countries. It is always better to get full details from your own government to know whether the country you are considering comes under embargo or restriction list or not. Next step would be to get in touch with that country’s Embassy or Consulate to know if there are any restrictions against products from your own country.

Gather all the important information about licensing requirements.  These days various countries have exempted license requirement for most of the products. But, if you are looking to import or export certain food items, chemicals, apparels, pharmaceuticals etc. then you would need a license in this scenario. It is always advisable to initiate your business with low risk products that are easy to exchange and have less trade barriers. To give you an example giftware is one such item that can be imported or exported easily.


To get reliable trade information you should go through research libraries and participate in the programs organized by the Chambers of Commerce. Such programs offer good trade information and will also help in increasing your network knowledge.


It’s important to bear in mind that when exporting goods every shipment deal will be different with regards to shipping and customs. Each company will have different set of products and will require different set of services. Hiring the services of a freight forwarder is a good option. They manage shipping and customs for goods being imported or exported to other countries. You need to understand their complete work procedure and question your queries in advance in order to avoid any untoward incident in the future. You have to be very clear with your shipping, license, insurance and all such important things.

Letters of credit are the easiest way of paying when trading internationally and are available with banks. Contact your bank to provide with letters of credit. With this service, the banks gives assurance that the goods are delivered before the amount is exchanged thereby reducing the risk of doing business internationally.

Again, it is recommended to participate in Trade Fairs or Missions. You will discover more options available in import/export business by consulting with your local Chamber of Commerce.

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How to choose the right advertising Agency – An insight

It’s always a difficult task to choose the correct advertising agency for your company. An advertising agency is responsible for shaping the success of your company/business and so it is of great importance that you analyze before taking that decision on whom to choose for your advertising requirements.

advertising agency in Saudi Arabia

There are a few points that need to be considered before you choose the best advertising agency in Saudi Arabia. It’s not necessarily important to go for a big company always. It’s actually the smaller advertising firms that provide you with more powerful results. These small companies bring in a personal touch and have a better creative approach.  The bigger companies only showcase the big named clients they are serving and may not offer you the results you are looking for. The idea is to search for an advertising company that understands your requirement better and gets excited by the challenge that your business provides them.  This makes the advertising company to come up with more creativity and is likely to get better results than the big named advertising firms. Creativity is a major factor when it comes to good advertisement. It’s always better to check out their portfolio to get an idea as to how creative they are when it comes to creativity. Check out how the advertising company has helped its clients in growing their business. Ignore the awards that the advertising company has won, rather focus on getting an advertising company which can understand your business and can explain as to how they can help you grow.

It takes a lot of time to choose an advertising agency in Saudi Arabia and so it is very important to choose a one which can help you in different mediums of advertisement. It’s crucial to choose a company that can provide you with the complete marketing package as you do not really want to waste your time every time you feel the need for a different advertising medium. An advertising agency that can cater to not only press advertising but also to outdoor, radio, in-house media, digital marketing and public relations will help a lot. It is always better to choose an agency that has its own design team. A good in-house team always helps as it makes sure that the work is done on time. It’s always good to check out their previous work including brochure design and newsletter designs of their clients.

And finally before you take that final decision, you will have to analyze the costs offered by different advertising agencies. You should have a complete picture of the different costs as all firms have their own style of working. It is important to understand the creative costs and check for any hidden costs or any management charges.

Once you decide on an advertising agency that will take care of your company’s advertising campaigns, it is very fundamental to demand the advertising agency for a dedicated accounts manager who would be handling the complete account of your company. It is equally important to have a good relationship with the assigned accounts manager as he would play a key role in your business growth.

Advertising firms play a very important role in the company’s growth and so the above points if followed can certainly help you in choosing that RIGHT agency for your advertisement needs.

How to find the best Day Care Centers in Saudi Arabia

A day care center will help in taking care of your baby with utmost care and attention. Once you have decided to utilize the services of a promising day care center all you need to do is take few important decisions to make sure that the selected baby care or day care center have matched up with your criteria.

Day Care Centers in Saudi Arabia


It is very crucial to identify your priorities.  Do you want to hire the services of best child care centers in Saudi Arabia near your work place? What would be more convenient is up to you.  Would you want your child to be around many other children (baby care) or few children in a center? Few children will be more likely available in home daycare in Saudi Arabia. Make a note of everything so you can refer the list.

Doing your own research is also recommended. Ask from your trusted ones about well-known daycares and baby cares in your region. Personal references will definitely help you in finding them. To find out day care near your home you can visit website for guidelines and contact information. Daleeli has a list of childcare centers and home daycares in your area. This could be the best place to start searching.

You can visit and ask preliminary questions to the staff and manager at baby care centers. You can get the details from caregivers and home daycare providers about fees, working hours, and holidays. Moreover, they will also help with issues like sleeping, feeding and discipline.  Take schedule of day care or baby care daily activities and their policies. Finding out about health programs and safety policies and procedures is also very important. A good day care center in Saudi Arabia will heartily share its policies on everything. Hygiene issues from hand washing, diaper changing and handling sick children should be given utmost priority.

No doubt you should feel comfortable at the thought of having your child at the centers. Hence, it is very important to gather information about a center from as many sources as possible. You will also want a center that will inspire your child to get ready for school. A caregiver should always keep an eye on your child even when he/she is sleeping.

You need to ask the manager about what ratio they are maintaining at the center. Basically, there should be one caregiver for 2 to 3 infants or young toddlers and for 4 to 6 older toddlers or preschoolers’ one caregiver should always be available at their service. Your child will get 1 to 1 attention if this type of ratio is followed at the centers and thereby it will help them to have better social and emotional development.

Choosing a daycare is a very crucial decision. This information highlights only the specifics. Surely you’ll want a safe and clean environment for your baby and having experienced caretakers at the center should be your top criteria. Small kids are difficult to take care of and hence they need to have strong relationships with their caregivers. Ultimately, you will not want to hire services of inexperienced caregivers.

Finding the Right Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia

Interior Designers in Saudi Arabia

People like to spend their quality time at home after a hard day’s work. They want to feel comfortable with the ambience and this totally depends on the quality of interiors one have at their home. Long working hours and travelling time in the city gives anyone little space to decorate or to do interior designing of their homes. Maybe you are not perfect to do this job. Hiring an interior designer in Saudi Arabia is the best solution to say good bye to all your worries. It is good to consider the services of an interior designer or decorator and they will be giving you some fancy ideas in revamping or building your dream home.

interior designer in Saudi Arabia

It is very important to do a little research on your dream home before you hire the services of an interior designer. You have to be very peculiar with what exactly you are looking for in terms of theme and ambience. The rest of the job will be carried out nicely by professional interior decorators in Saudi Arabia. Charges may vary depending on the kind of project.

Some points are important to remember when you hire the services of an interior designer.

  1. Most important factor in interior designing is budget. The resources which you want to purchase should also match your budget. Since, the interior designer’s charges can be decided after some negotiations but resources cannot be adjusted.
  2. What type of style or theme you would like to give to your home is also very important. The interior designer will be able to better understand your criteria depending on your style statement.
  3. Designing a home and not thinking about color is like making an iced cake with salt. Be sure to know about yours and your family members’ favorite colors so that can be recommended to the interior decorator.
  4. You have to be particular about the kind of home accessories you are keeping. Unnecessary items can make the entire designing look odd.


  1. Discuss each and every part with all the detailing. The best interior designers in Saudi Arabia know their job well. They know how to reflect your sense of style with captivating décor, furniture, accessories, color and fabric.
  2. If you want to reduce your expenses on resources you may discuss this point with the decorator. Having a word with the designer will always be useful for you.
  3. The interior designer should listen to you carefully when he/she comes to your home for discussion. They should also be conducting survey of your entire home.
  4. They should be able to present you with creative solutions and ideas for the project. They must also be able to make the necessary product selections for your project.
  5. They should get paint and fabric samples in helping out with your favorite color and design theme. Moreover, flooring samples should also be presented in the demo.
  6. Last but not the least; they must suggest you on how to enhance your home with design basics of balance, texture, color, etc.

If you do your research in advance and do the proper consultation with the interior designer then decorating your dream home could be a hassle free experience.