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8 steps to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurants is very important to sustain your business. Regular customers along with the new customers will give benefit to any business. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for any business to flourish without having new customers at its doorstep. It has been noticed that some old customers tend to change their dining habits and at the same time they also get relocated, to balance this effect constant flow of new customers will keep your hotel business intact.


Powerful strategies can definitely help in tacking this issue. Below mentioned eight tips are sure to attract new customers to your restaurant.

1) Offer your Restaurant’s Delicious food in Public Places

Offer delicious food from your restaurants to new customers in public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, recreational parks etc. When they have tasted delicious samples, don’t forget to hand out your business card or hotel menu. It’s a good idea to promote your product in these locations.

2) Alternately market your Restaurant 

Another innovative idea is to cross market your restaurant. You can advertise or list your restaurant with different nearby holiday resorts, tour bus, hotels etc. This will help in attracting potential customers to your business and the most important thing is to mention your restaurant in the category of “nearby attraction list”.

3) Offer benefit to existing customers through Referral System

Your business may grow with the help of existing customers. They can bring new customers to you through referral system. You should provide them attractive discounts if they can refer new customers.

4) Offer Special Deals at night

Many people prefer to order hotel food after a hard working day. They find it difficult to cook by themselves, so the easy option is to order food from hotel. You can provide late evening/night special deals to attract those potential customers. You may offer various foods at special discounted prices for such clients.

5) Offer Gift Certificates to your regular customers 

You may provide gift certificate at flexible prices to your regular customers. Since, your regular customers are satisfied with your food and service they will purchase it for their dear ones. Using gift certificate your potential new customers will get a chance to experience your food and service without paying anything.

6) Reach out to new customers through Sponsorship  

You can sponsor different events such as festivals, exhibition, concert etc. This will definitely attract public’s eye and is a great way to get publicity.

7) Hold interesting Contest and give away freebies 

Holding contests and handing out freebies will attract new customers. You may keep different contests at your hotel; the winners will get a chance to grab an opportunity to get free meals and free gift certificates.

8) Give pleasant Customer Service

The most crucial thing is to provide the best customer service. The power of customer service is such that you can turn first time visitor to your hotel into a regular customer. If you are providing quality food along with pleasant customer service then your customers are going to visit your hotel again and again!

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How to select the Best Building Contractor?

Selecting the perfect design for your home and modifying it in a short period of time is not an easy job. To do this job perfectly you will need to hire services of the best Building Contractor. These tips can guide you in selecting the building contractor of your choice who can deliver the stipulated project on time with good quality. This process can definitely help you in choosing the perfect contractor who can provide you the services of turning your dream home into reality.

best Building Contractor

Following tips will surely help to a great extent, check them out:

In the initial stage, chart out all your desires and needs by doing some basic research. Try to figure out what exactly the changes or new things you would like to have in your dream home. Make better planning in terms of what design really suits your style sense. Discuss with the contractor, what materials can be used? What is the timeline of the project? Etc.

It is very crucial to take guidance from your family, relatives and friends in this matter. They may also provide you with contact details of some famous contractors who do the job pretty well. You can also get in touch with your local city building officials to get further details in this regards.

If all the above mentioned points are not going help you then in this case you can always rely on the online medium. It will help in tracking down the various builder sites and you will get the contact details therein.

You can ask these basic questions to the contractor:

  • How many years of experience they have in this field?
  • What suppliers are they going to use during the project? Are they worthy to do this job?
  • Ask them to disclose the entire project’s plan. From initial planning to the finishing stage and also ask them about money details.
  • Will the price discussed going to be fixed till the project is finished?
  • Will you be feasible to discuss anything related to the project?

After you have gone through the above questions, call at least three or four contractors and ask all these questions to them. If you are satisfied with anyone’s response through telephonic interview then you may call them to conduct a direct meeting.

Inquire about the valid license from the contractor. You should reject the contractor immediately if he does not have a valid business license. Cross verification is necessary with the concerned building department and legal authorities on the contractors. It is mandatory that every building contractor should have a valid business certificate.

If the contractor is meeting all the above criteria then it is time for you to start your dream project.

It is very important to thoroughly read the agreement so that there should not be any kind of misunderstanding in the middle of the ongoing project. You should check clearly the mentioned details. The most important factor is to verify the payment details.

When everything is crystal clear then close the deal and sign the agreement with the contractor.

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Perfect Plumbing Fixtures for Your Home in Saudi Arabia

It’s always an interesting task to decorate your home beautifully. The challenging job in remodeling old home or designing a new home is choosing the perfect fixtures and hardware to compliment the look of your interiors. This job is not only challenging but also very interesting. Fitting your bathroom interior with great looking plumbing fixture is definitely a good idea. It is the key factor in enhancing the look of your new home or remodeling your old one.

plumbing fixtures in Saudi Arabia

However, sometimes it is a demanding job to choose the right set of plumbing fixtures for your bathrooms.

Initially, you need to take into consideration thorough aesthetics of your home. It’s not recommended to alter new fixtures with gleaming modern designs as it may not go well with the traditional looking interior. On the other hand, an ultra-modern home may not look good with the use of antique plumbing fixtures. It is always better to select the right combination of plumbing fixtures that suits perfectly with the ambience. If you want to design home in a more modern way then you can use plumbing fixtures in chrome or nickel hardware.

They are easily available at plumbing hardware stores in Saudi Arabia. The prices may vary depending on quality of the product you select. Many cheap and affordable are also easily available in the market. But you must pay attention to the durable plumbing fixtures and that should also be good in quality.

It is quite challenging job to find antique looking plumbing fixtures. The selected product should match up with your décor. When we are mentioning antique looking fixture it does not mean that we are talking about old fixtures and pipes fitted in an old home. We are discussing about antique looking bathroom hardware which are available in different shapes and sizes ranging from antique faucets, sinks, bath tubs and toilets. Using them will change the entire look of your home.

Various brands are available in the market which gives you preference to select from thousands of design and pattern. The selected fixtures are sure to match up with the décor of your home. Your main concern is to select the perfect dealer or store near to your location. You can select the store that gives affordable prices and good quality products. So, it is easier to find beautiful plumbing fixtures in Saudi Arabia at a store near you.

But, surely you need to do some research on stores before getting your favorite fixtures. So, it is going to consume some time in your research but it would be worth your wait. You may get some great looking antique collections online. Reputed hardware shop owners also keep antique collections. Rare antique items are difficult to find but you may get them from expected places. Antique’s prices may vary depending on the quality and rareness of the product. Still, you should bargain and negotiate to get a fair deal.

The complete look of your bathroom can change by getting the perfect fixture.  Even if it’s a new or antique fixture, your home is surely going to receive compliments.