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Find the best baked goodies in Saudi Arabia


A Bakery is a favorite hangout spot for family and friends. It is a place visited by everyone at one time or another. We find tasty and delicious food to eat here ranging from party cakes, baked goodies, treats, bread, ice creams, veg and non-veg sandwiches. We can purchase cakes for Islamic festivals like Id ul Fitr and Id ul Zuha, graduation gatherings, weddings and also to celebrate all of kinds of occasions.

There are essentially two types of bakery shops: wholesale and retail bakeries. The bakeries are also commonly known as pastry shop.  The wholesale pastry shop is the spot where there is large scale manufacturing of bread, cakes and other pastry shop goodies for distribution purposes. There is normally an expansive workforce of individuals who make foodstuffs while taking care of hygienic norms set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Retail pastry shop are scattered all over the major cities and provinces. They basically provide fresh and nutritious bakery products to the customers.

Bakery items are getting famous day by day. They are so well known in all parts of the world because of their uniqueness in taste. They can easily be digested also. Baked items are by and large loved by all. Now a days individuals have no time to spend on making breakfast due to busy work schedules;  it is the bread and bun or rolls that have taken place instead of different sorts of stuff. Celebrating different occasions with friends and family members is incomplete without bakery products. They are enjoyed by people of all age groups and are a great source of snacks.

Bread is the trademark of all the bakery items. It is literally the heart among all other bakery products. Without the bread, bakery shop items are incomplete. It is a staple food prepared from dough of flour and water, usually by baking. It is an important ingredient in preparing impeccable mix of sandwiches, spreads, leafy foods etc. Throughout the history it has been popular around the world and is one of the ancient foods, having been of importance since the beginning of agriculture.

The other favorite items in a bakery shop are cakes which are of flaky or crisp composition. The plume light baked cake is loaded with cream. There are different sorts of cakes available like chocolate cake, pineapple, orange puff etc. Croissants are produced using flavorful appetizing or sweet fillings. Brownies are other pastry shop item which is enjoyed by all and it is produced using nuts and chocolate vanilla or mint concentrate. They are usually served with hot milk or frozen yogurt milkshake. The whipped cream espresso version of Brownies gives immaculate taste. Veg or Non Veg Rolls are the regular bakery items. Icing rolls are loaded with whipped cream and they are frequently used as treats. They incorporate mixture of nuts and are served with tea or espresso. Kids love to be pampered with treats like Chocolate chip treats (Tollhouse treats), nutty spread treats, and cereal treats. Rusk is also a regular item that is prepared as hard or dry product.

Cakes are the most prominent bread products. Hunger strikes the moment one hears the name of cake or to say chocolate cake. Cakes are specially served in celebrating the joyous moments of life.

Other favorite bakery items include chocolates, pizzas, sweet, jam, frozen yogurt, Conches, Ballios, Empanadas, and Sweet Biscuits. All the products are prepared using dried organic products such as flour, nuts, nectar, eggs, flour and sugar. Bakery products are largely consumed in Saudi Arabia and are preferred by all. Whether it is any exceptional event or not, baked goodies fills the air with sweet smell of affection because of their sweetness and appealing hues.


Ceremonies that leave an Enduring Impression

banquet in saudi arabia

Undoubtedly the most memorable day of your life is your wedding day. With better planning you can make it one of the unforgettable days in your life. In this exclusive moment when two people are united for the rest of their lives together and they vow to abide by the heavenly laws.

The celebration is definitely made worth remembering with all your friends and family members. It is very important to select the best banquet services provided by the hotels to accommodate your near and dear ones. With detailed research and planning, you can easily choose banquet halls that suit your budget and requirements.

Arranging an occasion like wedding requires an impeccable harmony between satisfaction, affluence and most importantly budget. The whole process is truly exhausting and right from the beginning you must be extra precautious about everything so that nothing goes wrong. Everyone desires this once in a lifetime event to be a true classic, yet you may go unsteady thinking about how the occasion will be and whether the visitors will admire it or not. There is definitely a touch of pressure before the occasion. But now the restaurants are providing banquet services, so you can bid good bye to all your worries.

The banquets are generally located in the heart of the city, making it easier for the guest to easily access them.  Many of the banquets are operated under the brand name. They make a perfect setup to leave a long lasting impression on the guest till the end of the event. There are numerous and quality services offered by the banquet in Saudi Arabia. Whether you wish to arrange a business seminar or expect to make your little girl’s wedding a memorable and enthralling event, a banquet is the perfect solution to it.

Selecting a banquet from a reputed hotel and restaurant in Saudi Arabia is the wisest decision in case you desire to escape from all the pain and plight in the method of event management. As a team of connoisseurs, the banquets ensure that the event is perfectly organized when it comes to decorations, themes, catering and hospitality. They take in lots of special care and vow to diligently cater and fulfill the requirements of the service buyers. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor. The banquets affirm that no stone is left unturned at the end of the day.

One of the key things to be considered amid the arranging of any occasion is the nourishment. However, you can stay completely unbothered about this as well. Delicious and aromatic food will be served to the attendants. It will surely titillate the taste buds of every one of your visitors. The menu offers extraordinary assortment to the host of the occasion to choose from. Continental, local and other variety of food is served as per the requirement of the host. Both veg and non-veg dishes can be occupied alongside fascinating chocolate cakes for sweets, juices, traditional drinks and much more. Other nice thing you can get to see is an exquisite presentation of the food that may increase hunger further.

Decoration is another important factor that most of the customers give due heed to. Therefore banquets give adequate importance to decoration and affirm that it duly meets the expectations of the clients in the best feasible manner for both interior halls and outside open party lawns.

You have the complete flexibility to choose a hotel and restaurant that offers ultimate banquet services. So let your guests enjoy all the facilities and why not you yourself indulge in the grand celebration. Get in contact with the right banquet service providers and make your event a memorable and cherishing experience.

The Famous Food to try in Saudi Arabia

Arabian food

Saudis are world famous for their hospitality. If you are invited by a Saudi to his home, you are for sure going to have a fantastic feast. The moment you enter the house, you will find delicious aromas of appetizing spices wafting through the air. In Saudi Arabia, a guest is treated royally and is made to feel as a part of the family.

Arabian Food, basically a fusion of old eastern spices & time honored traditions, is rich in taste which is enjoyed all across the world. The natural response that comes once you taste the food is that you tend to learn how to make the delicacy again. Some of the world famous food items in Saudi Arabian Cuisine include Mandi, Kabsa, Motabbaq, Masoob, Haneedh, Shawarma and Falafel. There are different cuisines for all regions in the Kingdom. A lot of these dishes have natural ingredients and have healthy nutritional benefits.  They are rich in calories and are served at all the traditional restaurants that are spread across the Kingdom.

The most famous and traditional dish is Mandi. Hotels and Restaurants take privilege in serving their customers the traditional dish which is an all-time favorite with the food lovers. The word Mandi comes from the Arabic word “Nada” which means dew and reflects the moist “dewy” texture of the meat. Mandi is usually made from rice, meat and a mixture of traditional spices. The meat that is usually used for the preparation of “Mandi” is from a young and small sized lamb to ensure a fine taste. One of the other most popular dishes in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Al-Ma’soub which is one of the most wide spread traditional dish in the Makkah Region. It’s a sweet which is usually made with wheat, honey and bananas. The traditional way of making this delicacy is to first bake the wheat and then drop it into a wooden bowl.  A good mixture of honey, butter and bananas are added to it and the mixture is then battered with a sharp tool. Cream can be added before being served to the guests.

There are a large number of expatriates in the Kingdom and they have played a major role in introducing different Asian Dishes along with the already famous Arabian Cuisine. Shawarma & Felafel are two such examples which have become very famous throughout the kingdom. It has also become very popular in India and Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia is also famous for its Gahwa. It’s a kind of coffee and is served in every single house of the Kingdom. According to the Cultural Mission of Saudi Arabia, “Serving a cup of coffee (Gahwa) is a sign of hospitality and generosity.”  Traditionally the coffee beans are first roasted and then cooled in front of the guests using a mortar and pestle. Cardamom pods are added to the coffee beans during the grinding process before the coffee is brewed and served to the guests. This is a practice which is still in practice in the desert areas. However in big cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, it’s not prepared in front of the guests. It is instead elegantly served in a dallah and served in very small cups which are called finjan.

Saudi Cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the World. No wonder, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest importers of both Lamb & Mutton. It’s not just the locals but also a lot of expatriates that enjoy Saudi Food not just because it’s rich in taste but also due to the fact that it is extremely nutritional.

أفضل طريقة لاختيار شركة النقل


هناك طلب كبير على شركات النقل في المملكة العربية السعودية. في العصر الحديث، وسائل النقل قد تغيرت بشكل ملحوظ. في الأيام الماضية تتم تنفيذ طريقة نقل البضائع عن طريق الحيوانات مثل الحصان والجمل، ولكن الآن مع ظهور التكنولوجيا أصبح من أسهل وأسرع لنقل البضائع. يتم أخذ شحنة من المنتجات الصناعية الكبيرة ومعدات المصانع والمركبات الثقيلة والخفيفة، والسلع المنزلية، الخ الرعاية من قبل وزارة النقل في المملكة العربية السعودية. صناعة النقل تلعب دورا حاسما في نمو وتطور أي دولة متطورة. وزارة النقل تعمل بجد على مدار الساعة في خدمة القطاع الخاص، وكذلك القطاع التجاري. المجتمع يعتمد كليا على وكالات النقل أو نقل البضائع من مكان إلى آخر بطريقة سريعة

في الوقت الحاضر، فإن عدد سكان المملكة العربية السعودية،  29 مليون نسمة . البلد هي موطن للسكان المحليين فضلا عن العمالة الوافدة. الناس يميلون إلى السفر في كثير من الأحيان، والجزء الأكثر يجد صعوبة في السفر وتنقل إلى وجهة جديد. كلما كان هناك من يريد للانتقال، فإنه يجد صعوبة في  المسؤولية الكاملة لتعبئة ونقل المواد في حد ذاتها. أنهم بحاجة إلى مساعدة مهنية في التعبئة والتغليف للسلع باهظة الثمن في المنزلية، والأثاث، والأجهزة الإلكترونية ومختلف غيرها من المتعلقات

يوصى بدرجة كبيرة لاختيار شركة نقل بي سمعته الطيبة  تفضل دائما لاختيار الشركة  التي تقدم افضل الاسعار وجودة الخدمة و توفر المساعدة  للناس على اتخاذ القرار الصحيح في اختيار شركة المناسبة عن طريق  الانترنت ، الإعلانات التلفزيونية، وما إلى ذلك المكان الأكثر أمانا لإيجاد شركة النقل يمكن الاعتماد عليها الكثير حيث يمكنك قراءة مكتوبة من قبل العملاء الذين استخدموا الخدمات المعنية

بعض الشركات تأخذ الرعاية من وثائق قانونية من السيارات التي يتم نقلها. من المهم أن نعرف أن الشحن السيارة ليس من السهل كما هو إرسال أي وثيقة قانونية تستخدم البريد أو الخدمات البريدية. هناك العديد من العناصر الهامة التي تعتبر في نقل المركبات. تأخذ في الاعتبار جيدا من كل شيء لأنها مسألة معقدة جدا

شركة النقل عادة تعطي وزارة الدفاع (تاريخ التسليم) للعملاء و يسمى الجدول الزمني للتسليم. هناك نوعان من العوامل الرئيسية التي يجب بحثها في هذا الصدد. أولا، يمكن أن يكون هناك مشكلة ميكانيكية مع الفريق التسليم. وثانيا، بسبب الظروف المناخية الصحراوية القاسية تسليم قد تحصل لفترات طويلة ولكن لاحظ أنه قد لا يحصل إلغاء

نقطة مهمة أن جميع وسال النقل مؤمنة و تحمل جميع الاوراق الرسمية المطلوبة لحفظ الشركات و العملاء   وشركات النقل يجب أن تكون تحت النظام المتاح من السلطات السعودية ويجب أن تلبي جميع متطلبات سياسات الحكومة. وينبغي أن يكون الشغل الشاغل سلامة المنتجات. في حالة أي الضرر الذي يحدث حين يتم نقل البضائع، ويمكن للعميل المطالبة بالتعويض عن الأضرار الناجمة عن شركة النقل

هذا هو الخيار النهائي للعميل لتلبية السيارة مفتوحة أو مغلقة لنقل السيارات  اختيار الشاحنة المغلقة للشحن تأتي بسعر أعلى ولكن من الأفضل لشحن السيارات باستخدام الشاحنات المغلقة. إذا كان العميل يرغب في شحن سيارة فخمة  فان سيارة مغلقة دائما الخيار الأفضل، لأنها سوف تحمي السيارة من  وقوع اضرار خارجية و تقليل نسبة الخطر. وكالات النقل عموما المسؤول عن المال قبل الانتهاء من الشحن. فمن الضروري لجعل الدفع المسبق، ويمكن أن يتم دفع الرصيد المتبقي في وقت التسليم

How to choose the Best School for Our Kids in Saudi Arabia

schools in saudi arabia


Choosing a school is a challenging task and one that a lot of parents find difficult. Here is some real good advice for you from our expert base and we hope you will find it extremely handy in making the final decision.

With so many options to choose from, it is a difficult task to decide which school would be appropriate for your child. Public Schools in Saudi Arabia are not an option for the Expats and so it makes it challenging for the expatriates to choose from a variety of private & international schools.

It’s always a good idea to start searching for a school as early as possible to avoid rushing into an important decision. It’s always good to have that extra time so that you can also discuss options with your friends who have had a similar experience.

There are a lot of factors when considering a school. “Fees” is one such factor. The tuition fees in Saudi Arabia start approximately from SAR 4000 a year to almost 75,000 per year for a few schools. You will have to determine your budget and research the available schools in that price range. There are some expats though whose children’s school fees is covered or subsidized by their employers.

There is a whole list of school to choose from. Please visit the following links to get the list of schools in your region. 1) Schools in Riyadh 2) Schools in Jeddah 3) Schools in Dammam 4) Private Schools 5) International Schools

Once you filter the schools based on your budget, it’s always advisable to visit the school and spend ample time to get a better understanding of their physical space, classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums and playgrounds. All parents know their child’s individual needs and his extracurricular activities and so it is important to review the school’s practices. It is always advised to seek your child’s opinion during your tour of the campus and understand his concerns, desires and expectations. You can as well ask the school for their school prospectus and read it.

A lot of International Schools are governed by embassies however there are a lot of schools which are private. A lot of these schools host multiple curricula under a single roof and so it becomes much easier for you to decide which curricula to choose from.

The demand for schools is very high due to ever – increasing expat community in the Kingdom. It is always important to make application for registration as early as possible to obtain a suitable slot. The registration is mostly non-refundable and varies between schools.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, distance is one factor which should be considered before you take that final decision before closing in on any school. Location and transportation play a major role as you may not want your child to spend two hours every single day. Saudi Arabia has geographically large cities and traffic jams during the peak hours will most probably add time to the length of the commute and so it’s good to check the travel time before you finalize any school for your child.

Academic year in Saudi Arabia starts from September. An academic year is mostly divided into three quarters. School working hours are mostly 7AM to 3.30PM with working days Sunday to Thursday. All the schools are closed on the weekends. Most of the schools shorten their working hours during the holy month of Ramadan.

Do not rush into a decision and make a proper research before you make that critical decision of choosing the right school for your child.

Best Way to Choose a Transport Company

saudi transport service

There is a huge demand for transport companies in Saudi Arabia. In modern times, the country’s means of transportation has changed significantly. In the olden days the mode of transporting goods was carried out through domestic animals like horse and camel, but now with the advent of technology it has become easier and faster to transfer goods. Shipment of large industrial products, factory equipment, heavy and light vehicles, domestic goods, etc. is taken care by the cargo department in Saudi Arabia. The transportation industry plays a crucial role in the growth and development of any well-developed nation. The industry works hard round the clock in serving the domestic as well as the commercial sector.People are totally dependent on the transport agencies to ship their valuable belonging or goods from one place to another in a fast and safe manner.

At present, the population of Saudi Arabia is close to 29 million. The country is home to locals as well as the expats. People tend to travel frequently and the most difficult part about traveling is relocating to a new destination. Whenever someone wants to relocate, it is quite a difficult task to take up the whole responsibility of packaging and transporting the items by themselves. They need professional help in packaging the expensive household items, furniture, electronic appliances and various other belongings.

It is highly recommended to choose a reputed transport company. Always prefer to select the one which is offering best price and quality service. Many resources are available now to help people make the right decision in selecting the firm such as internet, newspaper, TV advertisements, etc. The safest place to find a reliable transport company is internet wherein you can read reviews written by the customers who have used respective services.

Some companies also take care of legal documentation of cars that are being transferred. It is important to know that shipping a car is not as easy as sending any legal document using courier or postal services. There are many important elements that are considered in transporting vehicles. Take good account of everything because it is a very complicated issue.

A transport company usually gives the DOD (date of delivery) to the customers but often it has been noticed that it is termed as expected delivery schedule. There are two major factors to be considered in this regards. Firstly, there could be a mechanical problem with the delivery team. Secondly, due to the harsh desert conditions the delivery might get prolonged but note it may never get canceled.

An important point to note in a reputable transport service provider is to always have insurance and license coverage. The transport agency one chooses should be under the vigilance of Saudi Authorities and should meet all the requirements of the government’s policies. The major concern should be the safety of the products. In case any damage that happens while the goods are being transported, the customer can claim for damages from the transport company.

It is the ultimate choice of the customer to decide upon open or enclosed vehicle for the transportation of the cars. The option of selecting enclosed truck for shipping will come at a higher price but it is better to ship the cars using an enclosed truck. If a customer wants to ship a luxurious car then closed vehicle is always the best option, because it will protect the car from getting damaged. Transport agencies generally charge money before the shipment is done. It is necessary to make advance payment and the remaining balance can be paid at the time of delivery.

دليل المدينة المنورة


تقع المدينة المنورة في المنطقة الجبيلة الممتدة من جونب جزيرة العرب وحتى شمالها ، و تسمى جبال السراة، بها مزارع ومسطحات خضراء، ولكنها بعيدة عن المسطحات المائية الوفيرة، ومستوى ارتفاعها عن سطح البحر ما بين (590 -620 متر) وتعتبر منطقة جبلية حارة وجافة التي تعد أقدس مدينة بعد مكة المكرمة، والتي كانت تعرف به قديماً “يثرب” ولها أسماء عدة كطيبة والمدينة النبوية والمدينة المنورة، وهي التي هاجر إليها رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم.

وبالمدينة النبوية مسجد قباء وهو أول مسجد في الإسلام وانطلق منه ومن مسجد رسول الله تعليم الناس الدين ونشر رسالته التي عمت أقطار الأرض بالفتوحات الإسلامية، كما يوجد بها المعالم الإسلامية، كمواقع الغزوات؛ وقد كانت المؤاخاة بين الأنصار والمهاجرين الأثر في نصرة الإسلام، فقد كان الحب شعارهم والأخوة في الله منهجهم.

ومن المعالم القائمة في مدينة رسول الله خدمة للإسلام والمسلمين مجمع الملك فهد – رحمه الله – لطباعة المصحف الشريف، ويحظى الحجاج والمعتمرون بخدمات مقدمة من حكومة المملكة العربية السعودية تجاه زوار الحرمين الشريفن.

والزائر للمدينة قد يلحظ اصطفاف المتاجر حول المسجد النبوي والتي تبيع الهدايا للحجاج والمعتمرين الراجعين لبلادهم، وغالبا يفضل الزوار شراء السجادات والقبعات، وحجاب المرأة ( العباءة) والمسابح، والتمور وبعض الكتبيات والأشرطة من مواد مسموعة أو مرئية أو محوسبة وبعض الصور القديمة والحديثة  والهدايا التي تذكر بالمعالم الإسلامية لينقلوها إلى بلدانهم.

والمدينة المنورة تشهد زحاماً شديدا من الزوار الذي قدموا للحج والعمرة، فأصحبت درجة الإشغال عالية في فنادق المدينة المنورة، ولذلك تكثر فيها الفنادق الفاخرة والمطاعم الشرقية والعربية بشتى المأكولات.

وتتوفر في المدينة حافلات مريحة وفاخرة وبأسعار معقولة من قبل الشركة السعودية للنقل الجماعي (سابتكو) وهي تعمل على مادر الساعة وتربط بجميع مدن المملكة، كما تتوفر وسائل النقل الخاص ” سيارات الأجرة” والطيران كذلك.

وقد روى البخاري ومسلم أن رسول الله قال ” صلاة في مسجدي هذا خير من ألف صلاة فيما سواه إلا المسجد الحرام” رواه البخاري واللفظ له ومسلم والترمذي.

نمو قطاع الفندقة في المملكة العربية السعودية


يشهد القطاع الفندقي في المملكة العربية السعودية في الآونة الأخيرة نمواً سريعا في ظل التطورات التنموية التي تشهدها المملكة، ويعد هذا القطاع من القطاعات الأكثر ربحية حيث يساهم في دخول العملة الأجنبية التي هي جزء من الشراكة لنمو الإقتصاد. وتلعب الفنادق دورا هاماً وحيوياً في نمو النشاط السياحي من تقديم خدمات ذات جوة عالية ومرافق للزوار.

وفي الغالب يعتمد قطاع الفندقة في المملكة على إثنين من أهم القطاعات التي تسهم رفع عائداته، والأول منها قطاع الأعمال، فالمملكة من أغنى الدول المنتجة للنفط. والجزء الثاني هو وجود الحرمين الشريفين وتوافد السلمين من أقطار الأرض للحج والعمرة مما تزيد من نسبة إشغال الفندقة بشكل مستمر.

ونعلم أن الرياض عاصمة للمملكة، وكما هو مشاهد التطور الإقتصادي والتنموي الذي يقود قطاع الفندقة ليكون الأقوى في المملكة. فالرياض على سبيل المكان موطن تنافس بين معظم وأشهر الفنادق عالمياً والتي في تقديم الخدمات عالية الجودة. وتركز الفنادق الراقية غالباً قي وسط المدينة، حيث لا يزال مستوى الإشغال عادة مرتفع طوال العام، مع إمكانية وجود مجال اإستيعاب المزيد من الفنادق في المستقبل لوجود توقعات أن السعودبة مستمرة في نموها الإقتصادي الهائل في السنوات القادمة.

فمدينة جدة هي المدينة الأخرى التي لديها معدل الإشغال ضخم بسبب موقعها الاستراتيجي. فهي تتفوق على جميع المدن الرئيسية الأخرى كونها مدينة بحرية، بالإضافة إلى أن جدة أيضا تعد ثاني أكبر مدينة تجارية في المملكة العربية السعودية والتي يرتادها السياح ورجال الأعمال. وهي المدخل إلى المدينة المقدسة من مكة المكرمة. فإن خطة توسع كبيرة من مكة المكرمة يؤدي إلى الطلب الكبير في هذه المدينة كما تتباهى بوجود بعض الفنادق ذات الجودة العالية. ومع الافتقار إلى الشقق ذات الخدمات عالية الجودة في المنطقة وهذا يجعلها فرصة وموطئ قدم في هذه المنطقة للمستثمرين في هذا المجال.

إن من أبرز السمات البارزة الرئيسية لقطاع السياحة والفندقة في المملكة  استقطاب أفضل العلامات التجارية للفنادق من جميع أنحاء العالم نظرا لإمكاناتها الضخمة.

كما أن سوق السياحة و فنادق الرياض هو الأقوى في المملكة مع الشركات التي غصت بهم العاصمة والتي تنوعت في مستوى جودة خدماتها و الاستضافة . وقد يؤدي ارتفاع متوسط أسعار الغرف بالنسبة لجميع القطاعات في مدينة الرياض إلى الحدود القصوى الإشغال التي هي محتمل من قبل السوق نظراً لكثرة النمو الذي يشهد هذا القطاع.

ونتيجة لهذا النمو الهائل في قطاع الفندقة، فالمملكة العربية السعودية لا تزال توفر فرص عمل ضخمة في المنطقة، لطالبي العمل على حد سواء المهنية والخبرة. فبحلول عام 2016، فإن عدد من الفنادق سترتفع في المملكة مما يؤدي إلى المزيد من الفرص كما ستزيد نسبة السعودة في الفنادق، حيث تهدف إلى تجنيد 40٪ من موظفيها من المواطنين السعوديين.

ومع هذا التزايد المستمر والتوسع الهائل في قطاع الفندقة، ومن المتوقع أن تستمر في تقديم فرص استثمار وفرص العمل في السنوات القادمة في السوق.

A City Guide to Al Medina Al Munawwarah

City guide to Madina SharifThe second holiest city in Islam after Makkah Al-Mukarramah is none other than Al-Medina Al-Munawwarah. It is also recognized with various names such as City of the Messenger, Home of Immigration and Taibah. When the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) immigrated from Makkah, people from this city known as Ansar welcomed him. Al-Medina Al-Munawwarah literally means the city of light. Al Quba Mosque is the first mosque of Islam and it is also located in Medina. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was supported by the Ansars along with the Muhajireens. Together they joined him in fighting unforgettable battles which were monumental in the victory of Islam. Their unwavering love towards the Holy Prophet was subsequent and played a big role in the spread of Islam throughout the world. The Holy Prophet’s Mosque and his noble grave, the world famous Islamic University, The Holy Quran printing at the King Fahd Complex and many archaeological Islamic features are all found in this Holy city.

Millions of pilgrims visit the Prophet’s mosque after performing Hajj and Umrah. The Prophet’s Mosque is unique in its stature. The Prophet(peace be upon him) himself built the mosque along with his companions and led prayers in it for years.

The city is located in the Hejaz Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Medina Al Munawwarah is surrounded by mountains. A number of historical mountains surround it namely: Al-Hujaj, Salaa, Al-E’er and the most important in Islamic history is the mountain of Uhad. Plentiful greenery is found amidst a hot and dry mountainous region. The city is geographically located 620 mts above the sea level. It is a desert oasis consisting of various stony areas from all sides.

Shops are lined up around the Prophet’s Mosque and they sell products of different varieties. The pilgrims generally prefer to purchase janamaz (prayer rug used to offer salaah), topi(caps), burqas or known in Arab as Abayas, Tasbeeh, beautiful old and new pictures depicting the holy city and mosques, DVDs or cds containing religious information, Holy Quran and other Islamic related products as precious souvenirs and gifts for their family and friends. The most favored product to take back from here is the different varieties of Dates. They are unique and special which are not found anywhere else in the world. Big shopping complexes and ultra modern malls sell products from all over the world. Pilgrims from different parts of the world visit the city. Luxury, Semi Luxury and budget Hotels are available to accommodate them. The visitors’ gets unique opportunities to get indulge in oriental and local dishes and satisfy their taste buds with the high quality fresh ingredients.

Comfortable and luxurious buses at an affordable rate are provided by The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO). They operate round the clock and are well connected with all the major cities of Saudi Arabia. Private buses also provide the transportation services. Taxis are a major source for the visitors to get around the city.

It is a great honor for the pilgrims to visit our beloved Prophet’s mosque. The Holy Prophet said:

“A salaah performed in the Prophet’s Mosque is better than a thousand salaats in any other place except Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah” –

Related by: Bukhari and Muslim.

كيفية البحث عن أفضل الفنادق في الرياض


الرياض هي عاصمة المملكة العربية السعودية ويقطن بها حوالي 5 ملايين نسمة. وتشهد هذه العاصمة طفرة هائلة في النمو الاقتصادي والتطور في شتى مجالات التنمية والتكنولوجيا والتي ساهمت بشكل كبير خلق التنافس الملحوظ بين الشركات التجارية الكبرى. ويرتادها رجال الأعمال والمستثمرون فضلاً عن السياح والمهتمين بالأماكن التراثية والتاريخية.

و تسابقت شركات الفندقة العالمية والمحلية لكسب رضى الزائر للرياض الذي وضع في حسبانه معايير اختيار الفندق المناسب من حيث الخدمات والجودة.

إن العديد من وكالات السفر والسياحة تقدم استشاراتها ومعلوماتها للزائرين حول أفضل الفنادق في الرياض، ولكن البعض قد لا يؤمن في تلك الوكالات، وبهذا أصبح ضيف الرياض يسأل أصحابه ومن يعرف حتى يجد الإجابة حول هذا السؤال المتكرر: ما هو أفضل فندق في الرياض؟!

تظل معايير اختيار الفندق تتفاوت من زائر إلى آخر، من حيث القرب والبعد عن المواقع التجارية والحيوية، وجودة الخدمات المقدمة، ووفرة المرافق المتاحة للفندق وسبل الراحة والاستجمام طوال فترة بقاء الزائر لهذه العاصمة.

إن دخول الفنادق إلى عالم الإنترنت والتسويق من خلاله يجعل الزائر يتخذ قراره من خلال البحث في الإنترنت والمقارنة بين العديد من الفنادق الفاخرة ذات النجوم المتعددة وبين الفنادق المتوفرة حسب مقدرته المالية.

وبهذا أصبح الإنترنت والبحث فيه شريكاً لوكالات السفر والسياحة في تقديم المعلومات، وميداناً آخر للتنافس بين شركات الفندقة في مجال التسويق الإلكتروني.

ومما يتم التأكيد عليه أن القطاع الفندقي في الرياض يشهد نهضة مذهلة على أرض الواقع وفي العالم الافتراضي (الإنترنت) نظراً للإقبال الكبير من قبل المستثمرين ورجال الأعمال على هذا القطاع في المملكة العربية السعودية بشكل عام.